Gloucester City Skittles

3 Cities report Gloucester v Worcester   Dec 1st 2018 @ Hardwicke RBL Gloucester

Gloucester 637   Worcester 649


We knew this was going to be a tough game and so it proved to be.

After levelling the first leg 87 a piece with Dave Ewers dropping in a 13 spare it was Gloucester that went 18 pins up after the second leg (97) to (79) with Bry Hergest getting a 14 spare. The third leg went Worcester’s way (100) to (79) and now Gloucester found themselves 3 down and up against it. Leg four was again Worcester’s leg with another 6 pins (92) to (98) with Gloucester’s Lisa Robins getting an important 14 spare but with the legs running out Gloucester could feel the game slipping away. Worcester started leg five with a nine pin advantage and that increased to 31 after a disappointing 79 leg for Gloucester (Lorraine Cornwell 13) and Worcester getting 101. Leg six went Gloucester’s way with Eddie Banks putting a 13 on the board which helped them get within 23 pins with one leg to go. The last leg needed to be very big and Gloucester tried their hardest with a fantastic 108 leg with spares from Dave Ewers (15), Steve Price (10) and John Parker (13) after hitting the quarter for seven (Embarrassing I know) . Worcester needed 86 to win which was going to test them under pressure but they came through with two spares to win by 12.

Many congratulations to Worcester who were just too good on the night, but it sets up a very important game against Hereford on January 5th and then Worcester away on March 2nd.




Mark Cornwell

General Secretary

Saturday 5th January 2019

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