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3 Cities report Hereford v Gloucester Oct 6th 2018 @ Military Club Hereford

Hereford 639 Gloucester 643



Off to a good start again this season with a hard earned victory on the road in Hereford.
After setting off ten minutes late due to John Parker dithering around and arriving at the pickup point late we made our way to Hereford for what we knew would be a tough game. After Hereford set with an 85 leg, Gloucester replied with an 88 and a 15 spare from Lorraine Cornwell to start them off three up. Next leg Gloucester set 93 without a spare and Hereford replied with 88 so Gloucester were eight up after two legs. Legs three and four were not good for Gloucester as they fell asleep and allowed Hereford back into the game with legs of 82 and 79 to 95 and 88 which left Hereford 14 pins up with three legs to go. It was the scare that Gloucester needed to wake up and finish as strong as they did, leg five saw Steve Price (15 spare) and Mark Adlam (11 spare) to amass an 101 leg followed by a leg of 105 and another spare from Mark Adlam (14) and a brilliant 17 spare from Bry Hergest put Gloucester back in front by five pins with one leg to go. Hereford set Gloucester a 92 leg to win and after Eddie Banks had dropped in a 15 spare it looked on the cards but a fantastic three (lol) from John Parker put the result in doubt with three players left to bowl. Three nines were needed to win and up stepped Lisa Robins with a first ball flatner for a 16 spare and that was enough to win the game by four.

A good night was had by all and we would like to thank Hereford for their hospitality and they even had enough food put on to make sure John Parker was full up, which is not easy to do.

Next game is Saturday December 1st at Hardwicke RBL against Worcester.

Mark Cornwell
General Secretary

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