Gloucester City Skittles

Rules of



1.                  ORGANISATION

a.         The Executive Committee to comprise, Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer,  1 x Divisional Secretaries, Fixture Secretary, Competitions Secretary, 3 x City Secretaries, and up to 5 Committee members elected at the AGM.  Executive Committee meetings will normally be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 (19:30) at the Walls. Club.


b.        Divisional Secretaries


Divisional Secretaries will be responsible for the compilation and delivery of match results by Thursday of each week to the Gloucester Citizen Sports Editor.


They will also deal in the first instance with any enquiries received from Team Secretaries. If these enquiries cannot be resolved they will be put before the Executive Committee.


During March each year they will also issue registration cards to all teams with details of fees, name of team, name, address and telephone number of Secretary, night of play and alley (Note you must state Alley 1,2,3 or 4).


The Divisional Secretaries are available for any enquiries up to 21:00, Monday to Saturday. Never on a Sunday.


c.         Any team which is in default to the League books at the end of the financial year 31st May shall not be eligible for membership in the following season.


d.        All teams must reply to official correspondence from the League within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £5.


e.        Trophies must be returned on the first Tuesday of April each year at the Walls Club between 7.30 (19:30) and 9.00 pm (21:00). Failure to do so shall result in a £10 fine and the cost of any damage will be decided by the Executive Committee.



f.          Prize monies not collected on Presentation Night will be donated to a Charity of the Executive Committee’s choice.


g.         Failure to collect Result Cards, Divisional Details, Fixture Sheets at the AGM will result in a £5 fine.


h.        All fine are to be paid within 14 days of notification. Failure to pay shall result in fines being doubled. If the increased fine remains unpaid after 28 days then the team shall be further dealt with by the Executive Committee.


i.           All amendments regarding alteration of rules must be submitted in writing to the General Secretary 21 days before the AGM and must receive a 51% majority to be passed. In the event of a voting situation at the AGM, only one vote per team will be accepted. No alterations are accepted from the floor and all alterations are effective immediately.




a.         The fees for the current season will be £40. Teams wishing to enter the Front Pin Knockout in either section 1 or section 2 should add a further £5 entry fee. All payments are to be made by cheque or postal order and made payable to G.C.S.L. The name of the team should be entered on the back of the cheque or postal order. These membership cards must be returned to the treasurer no later than the 30th April. Teams failing to comply with this rule will be fined £5, doubled to £10 if still outstanding after 14 days. Any membership card that is not completed correctly will be returned and will incur a £5 fine.


b.        All teams must register a minimum of fourteen (14) players who must be sixteen (16) years or over. A player can only be registered for one team in this league. There is no restriction on the number of ladies that can be registered, but no more than 5 can play in any match.



c.         Should a team run short they can register a new player up 7.30 (19:30) on the night of play, provided they can inform a Committee Member or the Divisional Secretary.


d.        Players can transfer, but a transfer form must be obtained from the Divisional Secretary and be completed, signed by both teams involved, thus signifying that no monies are outstanding to the team he or she is leaving. Once this form is returned to the Treasurer with a £5 transfer fee, the player will be eligible to play from that date. The transfer deadline is January 31st.


e.        Any alterations to the Teams Details must be sent in writing to the General Secretary.


f.          Any changes affecting the night of play or alley must be notified to their opponents for the rest of the season.


g.         Any team that wants to change their name should first apply in writing to the General Secretary.



h.        If a member of any team withdrawing from the league, once the season is underway, then wishes to play for another team during the same season, the new team will be charged 1 £5 re-registration fee.



a.         Teams must consist of 10 players. The match is to be played in two halves of 5 players. Each half will consist of 10 legs. Captains will toss a coin for choice of set, changing round at half time. 2 points will be awarded to the team with the highest score in the first half, 2 points will be awarded to team with the highest score in the second half and 4 points for the team that wins overall. In the event of a tied match the points will be shared i.e. 4 point each. Matches must be played on the registered night of play as stated in the fixtures.


b.        Match to start at 7.30pm (19:30), (8pm (20:00) on double alleys), second half at 9pm(21:00) (9.15pm (21:15) on double alleys).


c.         Any team short of players in the first or second half is allowed two legs in which a late player or reserve can step in. If late players have not arrived by the start of the third leg, the team concerned must play short for the half.


d.        Home teams are responsible for providing pins. Sets of pins can be made of wood or plastic, but no mixed sets will be permitted. The front pin should be clearly marked with a three inch black band top and bottom, with a four inch white band in the middle. Any team reported for not having a clearly marked front pin will be fined.


e.        The home team to supply the balls (1 set of three per team). The maximum size of ball is 5 inches.


f.          The no ball line should be at least 12 feet from the heel board or back wall and 16 feet if possible. The diamond is to be a minimum of 47 inches centered from the front pin to back pin, and the same across the diamond. Where the diamond is smaller than the minimum requirements, any score 90 or over will not be recognised by the league and no certificates will be awarded. Any ball not grounded before the no ball line or touching the side of the alley before reaching the diamond is a no ball and any pins floored by a no ball must be replaced and the ball lost to the player. Any pin re-standing within the diamond is still in play.


g.         Captains are in charge of the game and must deal with any queries during the match, giving a fair and just decision. If unable to agree, the matter must be sent in to the General Secretary who will present the case in front of the Executive Committee for their ruling.


h.        Barracking, gamesmanship, foul and abusive language will not be allowed and should be reported to the General Secretary. Offending teams will be fined £10 or dismissed from the League, in which case a player or team will be excluded from the Charity League and the Ladies League.


i.           Any player injured or taken ill during a match can be replaced with a reserve. Any scores already made by the player being replaced will still count.


j.          The stickers must be 16 years of age to comply with Gloucester City Bylaws.


k.         Should two or more teams tie on points for the top or bottom of league tables, the aggregate pins floored by the teams concerned will be decide the position.


l.           All players and stickers take part at their own risk.


4              RESULT CARDS

a.         The home team is completely responsible for the CORRECT COMPLETION in all aspects of the result card. Any error will result in a fine of £5.


b.        A result card MUST BE SENT IN whatever the final situation of the match. In the case of un-played matches, reasons, dates and by whom the postponement or cancellation was requested (see rule 5) should be forwarded to the Divisional Secretary.


c.         Result cards must be in by noon on the Tuesday following the week that the match should have been played and any missing card will be fined £5.



a.         Any match Cancelled will incur an automatic £10 fine and will automatically give their opponents a walkover (8 points) (with the exception of Bank Holidays) unless the postponement is out of the teams control for such reasons as alley unavailability, power failure or bad weather.


b.        In the event of the postponement of a league match which has to be re-arranged the Secretary of the team requesting the postponement must


1   Inform their opponents at least 7 days prior to the match

2   Inform their Divisional Secretary in writing before the original fixture date.

3   Confirm the AGREED re-arranged date in writing to their Divisional Secretary within 14 days of the original fixture.

c.         All arrangements are the responsibility of the team requesting the postponement, whether they are the home or away team. Failure in any part of these requirements will incur a £5 fine


d.        In cases of BAD WEATHER conditions as much time as possible MUST be given to your opponents, with written notice of the postponement sent to the Divisional Secretary within 4 days of the fixture.


e.        Any match postponed in the first half of the season is to be played in the Christmas Break and any match postponed in the second half of the season is too played in the first two weeks following the end of the season. Where teams have a Bank Holiday fixture in the 2nd half of the season, it is suggested that re-arrangement takes place in the Christmas break, if possible. In the event of both teams failing to agree on a re-arranged date, within the stated time, or failing to play the match once having agreed a date, the offending team will be deemed to have broken the fixture and will be fined £10 and the points will be awarded to the non-offending team.

6.            TROPHIES

a.    The Hubert Browning Trophy will be awarded annually to the player with the highest individual score in league matches, not including alleys where the diamond is too small for the 90+ Certificates . (Rule 3f)

b.    The Howard Davies Trophy will be awarded annually to the player with the top away average in the Premier Division and Division 1.

c.     The Jeff Turner Trophy will be awarded annually to the player with the top away average in the remaining divisions. In order to qualify, members must not miss more than 3 of their teams away games during the season. Secretaries should send details to the Divisional Secretary in respect averages over 70 by 30th April.

Any matters not covered by these concise rules will be dealt with by the Executive Committee, their ruling is final.
















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