Gloucester City Skittles

Skittles Report Week 10


Highest Individual Score:            B Fanning 92 Paul Franklin 90


Highest Team Score: 

Premier & Division 1:         Famous Stampers 780

Divisions 2 & 3:                   Jacks Jokers - Derwents 712


Congratulation this week goes to B Fanning of the Jets (1E) with a score of 92, Paul Franklin of Dark Horses (1W) had a score of 90 made up of 7,8,13,13,9,8,9,9,8,6.


There were 41 Scores of 80 or more this week.


Premier     Famous Stampers 780

Jon Brown of Famous Stampers just missed out on a certificate this week and had a score of 89 made up of 9,8,13,9,8,13,7,7,8,7 and team-mates Darryl Tanner scored 88 made up of 6,5,9,7,8,9,9,8,11,16 and Keith Rogers and Steve Mansell both scoring 80, C Burrus of Fabulous Baker Boys also had a score of 89 made up of 6,8,9,8,9,8,8,10,14,9 and team-mate M Wheeler scored 83, Steve Morley and Brian Hergest of St James Allstars both had scores of 87 and team-mate Dave Hawkes scored 81, Mike Sansom of Cobblers had a score of 85, Alan Cale of Maisemore Hornets had a score of 84 and team-mate Mark Cornwell scored 80, C Osbourne of Palmers Loafers had a score of 82 and team-mate G Barnard scored 80, Frank Johnston of Redman's also had a score of 82, Ben LeFeuvre and Barry LeFeuvre of RGHOC both had scores of 82, Simon Wright of Tuffley Robins had a score of 81 made up of 14,7,9,7,6,7,8,8,8,7 and Team-mate Bob Kelly scored 80 made up of 6,8,8,8,7,9,13,7,6,8.  D Nield of Hare & Hounds also had a score of 81, Derrick Baker of Greyhounds had a score of 80.

Div 1

        1 North      Haresfield 675


        1 South      Supermacs 707

Simon Stanley of Valiants had a score of 81 and team-mate Colin Clarke scored 80.


        1 East        Jets 713

Ryan Barnett of Eastgate Bombers had a score of 84, Danny Davies of More Lager had a score of 83, Chris Bailey of Inbetweeners had a score of 82, D Pates of BMI Upton had a score of 80.


        1 West       Dark Horses 702

Dave Chant of St Aldates had a score of 88, R Stevens of Willows had a score of 84, J Dix of Newsboys had a score of 82, D Meadows of Frampton Exiles had a score of 80, S Beard of Circle 'A' also had a score of 80.

Div 2

        2 North      Star Inn 666


        2 South      Elementaries 693

Ian Taylor of Elementaries had a score of 84, Caz Nicholls of Robins also had a score of 84, S Blowers of BMI 'A' had a score of 80.


        2 East        Impractical Jokers 703

S Mann of Impractical Jokers had a score of 81.


        2 West       Jacks Jokers 712

Warren Barnes of Jacks Jokers had a score of 88 and team-mates Paul Armitage and Dave Jenner both had scores of 81, Dave Joner of Queens Head had a score of 83.

 Div 3

        3 North      Derwents 712

J Collier of Derwents had a score of 87.


        3 South      City Treasurers 656


N Hunter of Diamonds had a score of 82.

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