Gloucester City Skittles


7.30pm                   Lisa Robins

7.30pm                  Matt Grainger

8.15                       Andrew Hayward

8.15                        Martin Charles

Jack Chambers

Mark Cornwell

Stuart Brown

Rich Allen

Des Knight

Steve Tonks

Dave Curran

Adrian Niblett

Luke Hayward

Andy Pollard

Chris Allsopp

Graham Tranter

Mark Adlam

Steve Price

Ralph Thompson

Rich Berry

Tom O’Connor

Mark Barnard

Eddie O’Connor

Steve Morley

Nik Adams

Alan Newman

Dave Evans

Steve Bailey

Ash Hergest

Lee Lowery

Steve Bourton

Derek Baker


9pm                                          9pm                                             9.45pm                                          9.45pm

Malcolm Duffield

James Barry

Scott Claridge

Roy Salmon

Bill Bailey

Jerry Farrant

Adey Pooley

Paul Niblett

Anne Biggs

Dean Banfield

Andre Rushton

Cameron Pinches

Malcolm Brazington

Paul Baker

Pete Albutt

Paul Nicholl

Carl Davis

Bryan Hergest

James Rushton

Martin Webb

Phil Jeynes

Scott Evans

Carl Gaston

Martin Curran

Mark Tustin

Andy Benzie

Andy Smith

Nigel Winfield

Andy Brazington

Andy Neal

Craig Deane

Dave Neild


Matt Grainger      48

Jack Chambers         49

James Barry       

Malcolm Duffield

Mark Cornwell     49

Luke Hayward          44

Scott Evans                50

Bill Bailey

Steve Price            55

Mark Adlam  

Andy Benzie               38

Phil Jeynes               49

Mark Barnard

Nik Adams                 47

Andy Neale                 47

Andy Brazington     48

Martin Charles

Andrew Hayward

Wendy Campbell

Lorraine Cornwell   42

Rich Allen              42

Chris Allsopp

Dean Banks

Pete Albutt              42

Steve Bailey

Ralph Thompson

Martin Webb

Carl Gaston

Derek Baker

Stuart Brown            43

Martin Curran             38

Jamie Price

                                                         9pm                                                  9pm                                                 Last 16

                                                         Alley 1                                             Alley 2

Jack Chambers

Matt Grainger

Luke Hayward

Mark Cornwell

Nik Adams               42

Steve Price                 41

Stuart Brown           50

Rich Allen

Phil Jeynes

Scott Evans

Andy Brazington

Andy Benzie               41

Lorraine Cornwell    42

Andy Neale                 48

Pete Albutt                50

Martin Curran            41


 Martin Curran  29

Stuart Brown   38

                                      8 Legs

                                      Andy Benzie  59

                                      Nik Adams     54


Lorraine Cornwell 43

Andy Neale         52


                                                                 10 Legs

                                                                 Andy Benzie 76

                                                                 Andy Neale  72

Nik Adams 47

Steve Price 41

                                        Stuart Brown 52

                                         Andy Neale   57




                                                                      Andy Benzie  

 Congratulations goes to Andy Benzie of the Fabulous Baker Boys for winning the 2018 Front Pin Masters competition run on the 27th and 29th of December at Robinswood Hill Social Club. Sixty four players entered the competition and played some fantstic skittles over the two nights to finally get down to the last two where Andy Benzie beat Andy Neale in the ten leg final by four pins.

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